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About Us

We are Lazer Robotics, a team representing Newton Massachusetts in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL). Our team comprises of six members: Jerry Gong, Noah Pytel, Sahil Rathod, Beatriz Almedia, Ellie Kang, and Luana Almedia. Currently, we are competing in our first First Tech Challenge(FTC) season. Over the years, we have achieved world record scores, including winning the state competition with our Cargo Connect robot. We take great pride in mentoring and inspiring other teams, and we plan to continue doing so in the future.

To reach out to us, send us an email at

Our Team


Jerry Gong 

Eight Years in FIRST
9th grade -  Newton South High School
Captain, Programming,  Mechanical, Outreach


Sahil Rathod

Seven Years in FIRST
9th grade -  Caroll School
Outreach, Mechanical


Ellie Kang

One Year in FIRST
7th grade -  Weston Middle School

 Outreach, Documentation 


Noah Pytel 

Seven Years in FIRST
9th grade -  Newton South High School
Outreach, Mechanical


Beatriz Almeida 

One Year in FIRST
9th grade -  Newton South High School
Programming,  Mechanical, 


Luana Almeida

Newly Joined Member
7th grade -  Brown Middle School

 Outreach, Documentation 



Ron Gong 

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