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Before coming to Morocco, we organized a donation effort to supply parts to underserved FLL teams from Africa. 

We talked to FIRST representatives from Massachusetts and LOOP STEM to organize, and with their help, we collected over 14,000 USD worth of donations. Doing this led us to meet with new people and we learned all about the process of fundraising and donation collecting.

Over the past 5 seasons, we have been mentoring rising teams in the hope they have successful FLL career.  We teach them about our journey, and what we did to become a successful FLL team.
FTC team Wolfpack Machina connected us to a team in Rwanda. We donated supplies to them via mail. Then, we met with Rwanda Team weekly over Google Meet and shared ideas and helped pass on experience as well as teaching them concepts such as PID driving and Line Following.
After this season, we wish to continue to impact the community with our Youtube Channel and by mentoring other teams. 



Our YouTube Channel has our runs, designs, and tips for FLL teams of all levels!

The YouTube Channel is important because it not only provides inspiration to others, but we can also gain feedback and constructive criticism through it. 

Follow our Instagram @lazerrobotics for updates and tips!

We want to inspire rising teams with our content. We are also willing to mentor other teams. If you are inteseted in having a meeting with us, email us at

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